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D'ailleurs Ouest Vent - v7- dans le cercueil se situe mon coeur

Name: Zephyus
Age: 18

Abt :
A typical Arian. Presently a college student. Loves Cosplay, Bball, manga and dear~ ALways spotted rotting infront of the com, reading manga, in a bball court, eating something or in bed zzzing away.



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Some pic from somewhere.. Seishiro killing.. Something to suit my current mood

Past entries:
Together With Westwind (20/10-10/11/2002)
Follow ur heart~ Follow the westwindz

Mystic WIndz (11/12-23/12/2002)
Love and Destructionz (23/12-28/12/2002)The The Death (28/12-28/1/03)
The New Year WIND! (1/2-16/2/03)

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