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D'ailleurs Ouest Vent - v6- The New Year WIND!

Sunday, 16/2/03, 11.45pm

CosfestaAAAAAAAA!!!!! (yesterday)

LOL! Anyway, the event is damn cool!!! The Sai is cool~ The pacman is kawaii and KH.... KH!!... KH is absolutely Drooling.. Drooling... errr.. Drooling.. *loss of words* ... Juz ABSOLUTELY FANTASIC!!!!!!! XD~~~~~~ I almost wished i was cosplaying seph beside them....
It's great to see all the familar faces again.. And feel the magic of cosplay once more.. COSPLAY's Forever and COSPLAYERS RULEZ!! XD

Uploaded the pics at my webby liao..

I finally cosplayed Shido with Spike hair and for the 4th time! Ha! I love to cosplay that dude, the only character where i can wield my limbs with actions and a smirk on my face to go with it. LOL!
Shouts: "i'm looking 4 the person at the end of this.. have anyone seen tt person?" *points to e grey thingy on cuffed on hand* XDD MUAHAHAHA!
Anyway, now i know spiking hair comes with a price.. =___=; i wonder how those guys did it.. I spent 2 hrs spiking e damn hair, hair mud, hair spray, hair gel, hair mud, hair gel.... and it still goes hawaii flat... The worst part was after i try to wash my hair after e cosplay... it juz went totally hard and i finally have a spiky hair... O__OXX what the hell?!?! Now i'm stuck still with a very uncomfortablly hard hair after shampooing like 6 times in less than 24hrs? >__<XXX i need to go swimming!!!!~~~ Arghhhhhhh... SOS!!

VCD of MAC 2002
The VCD is quite well made.. I'm glad i bought it.. a lot of lame stuffs inside it.. esp the one abt HP.. ^^;; Well, was screaming, cheering and drooling over clip 13 and clip 39... Got a feeling tt if i replayed it a few times more i'll probably faint from heart explosion.. XD

Random thoughts: I think someone stole my heart over and over again... can this be possible...?
Mood: Terribly dazed.. after effect of cosfesta

my iq and talent has soared to new heights. my intelligence may be the envy of all those that are wise, but it seems to have gotten the better of me. i tend to take things to the extreme and a chemical balance is nothing more than a pipe dream in my brain. i need to consider heavy medication... maybe even a straightjacket...
how mad are you?
this quiz was made by piksy

As if i'm that smart.. LOL!


Saturday, 15/2/03, 00.35am

Happy Valentine's Day (lunar or not)
Happy V'day pple!! And it's Lunar V'day today! 15th of feb! And... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDD *runs away from the flying kisses given by sis* Hope everyone receives lots and lots of gifts, whether from Bf, GF, secret admirers, friends or to urself~ XD

Birthday Bear
You are the partier of the bunch! No matter what's going on, you can find a reason to throw a big bash. You're extremely outgoing and love to show others how to have a good time.


Tuesday, 11/2/03, 7.15pm

The CNY!!!
Yeah~ I hope everyone enjoyed their CNY! With lots of AngBao to go with it~ XD well, i did kinda enjoy the brief holiday EATING and EATING all the while visting relatives and friend's house.. I think Sentinel knows tt already.. LOL! I practically vacuumed every charsew nut i see.. XDD *gains a considerable amount of weight*

Been doing some exercise (finally) to cut down weight and keep in shape for Bball! Put it down here for anyone looking for an exercising list! XD:
- 20-30 push-ups, try to do 2 sets (for biceps)
- 30 right crutches (for right Abdomen)
- 30 left crutches (for left Abdomen)
- 30 front crutches/ situps (for center Abdomen)
- continous cycling/ air- cycling for 5 mins (optional- for firm butt muscles)
- 50-100 squats (for thigh muscles)
- 60-100 tiptoeing and down motion (for the muscles at the shin)
- 10 touching jumps at the highest ceiling in house (Optional - purely for my bball training)
- Leg stretching exercise, the more extreme the better (for flexiblity)
- clutch and relax fingers 50x (for finger muscles)

NB: LOL! Quite a good way to get rid of fats but will get huge muscles easily if you overdo ur exercising amount (differs for different pple)

The interschools bball championship is coming!!! I heard it's coming ard the 24th of march!!! That's too fast! >__< *not prepared yet* Gasp!

Thanks Minna! abt the compliments to my layout~~ *happy happy* See u all at Cosfesta!! ^_____^
And.. Mae, ur costumes are nice~ and an experience cosplayer to me. The gang webby is so super outdated, tt i'm gonna do a total change over after my A's. Do send ur pretty pic then. XDD

Muahahahaha! My class boards is so nice!! *boast boast* This is the 1st time i see a whole class so enthu and helping out in doing the class notice boards~ Down right to my CT! LOL! It's alot of paper work, lots of work but with very simple procedures~ Jelly gal do most of the drawings, i do the arrangements and a couple of drawings too, the class juz trace, cut, paste and colour what they're asked to do. And the Effect is great!!! *jumps ard* And we won the 2nd best decorated class award! YEAHhhhhhhhhhHHhhhhh~~! *excited*

Been rather depressed and stressful lately bcoz of a number of things that hadn't go very smoothly this year. Burst out crying in bball court when i couldn't take it anymore on that rather despairing day.. =////=;;; i know that's very dumb... Shouldn't have done tt.. >_<;
Bball is so special. The more u play, the more emotions and frustrations u put into it. But when the emotion tap overflows, there's no stopping and u'll either explode into a furious anger or u juz cry ur eyes out. Of course with every happiness and laughter in the court, the happy emotions is more truly feel...... *takes a bball out to play*

Random thoughts: Have Others been there for u when u needed them badly?                                Have u been there for others in the 1st place?

Thought of the day: Sheeps are cuter than pigs~ XD

Mood: Rather heavy


Saturday, 1/2/03, 12.25 am

Happy Chinese New Year!!!
*cheers* It's CNY! CNY!!! So is the new layout to go with it~ ENJOY ur CNY everyone~ Hope you get lots and lots of Angbao~ XD

mood: CNY GENKI AGAIN~ ^___^


Name: Zephyus
Age: 18

Abt :
A typical Arian. Presently a college student. Loves Cosplay, Bball, manga and dear~ ALways spotted rotting infront of the com, reading manga, in a bball court, eating something or in bed zzzing away.



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Some Sheep dude i drew~ Too many liao makes the layout abt messy~ But well, Happy new year everyone!

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