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My costumes...
Muahahaha~ Cosplay rox and i'm a cosplay fanatic~ XDD
But i couldn't cosplay for all the events coz i too lazy liao XP. Was photographer for the ones i didn't cosplay.. For those i did, well, it's all here~

Mac Cosplay 2001


Character: Kailu Lantis

Manga/anime: Magic Knight Ray Earth

Urgh, my worst cosplay of all times. Was very very ill that day X__X. Looked juz like a dead Lantis, and different parts of my armour keeps slipping off. Luckily no fans of Lantis came and bash me up. -__-;;;

March Hereens Cosplay 2002,
Fengshang CC photo xchange 2002 &
Cathy Cosplay 2002

Character: Shido

Manga/anime: Getbackers

Real last Minute work cosplay. Even got the colours wrong o__O. Worst still, i couldn't get my hair standing out spiky. But it's a real good experience to be hanging out with new pple and knowing new friends. ^__^

Lolita Cosplay 2002


A so called original cosplay but under the theme "lolita" (french style?). My costume is juz all reused stuff from the wardrobe... except for the great tophat, which Shuui helps make for me! Thanks!
Had a day chaining up to Shuui...hee hee..

Fairy Tales Cosplay 2002

Character: Lucy (No pic in this case, coz i really hate to see myself as her)

Manga/anime: Count dracula

Character: Wild

Manga/anime: Koori no Mamono no Monogatari

Done a double costume in this cosplay. Coz i really hated Lucy's costume. But Wild was fun to cosplay. Really look like Shi wen bai lei XD. Was leached by Rapunzel that day though *Big Sweatdrop*, couldn't stop laughing to take a shot. -___-;;;;


Youthopia Cosplay


Character: Hatori Souma

Manga/anime: Fruit Basket

Haha ^^;; now this is a really "no work" costume.. all borrowed or from wardrobe one. Shirt and pants was so baggy... Looked juz like a waiter LOL! "May i have ur orders pls?" XD
Was quite warm under the hot sun in Youth park -__-;


Fairy Cosplay


Character: Sirius Black/ Snape

Manga/anime: Harry Potter

Err.. Was trying to cosplay Sirius Black, fanart version.. but i not tt shuai.. turn out to looks very snapish instead.. T_____T... Anyway, i love that trenchie~~~ ^^


MAC Cosplay 2002


Character: Keel Zaibel

Manga/anime: Tales of eternia

Best chara ever cosplayed~ I think i looked juz like him! *smirk smirk* LOL! Loved the event. Was great! glomped a lot of bishounens and Bishoujos~~~ Whee~~ XD


Cosfesta 2003


Character: Shido

Manga/anime: Getbackers

LOL! It's the 4th time i'm cosplaying him! 4th time! *hear the pple ard groan* XDD Well, i wouldn't let this guy rest until i have cosplay him in spiky hair.. which is the case this time! Yeah!! Finally a right protrayal~ XÞ
Anyway, the handcuffs are not part of e props.. Juz got tt from tess for fun~ XD


March cosplay 2003


Character: Sohma Hatsuharu (cow)

Manga/anime: Fruitbasket

Fun time~ whee~ haru~ I was expecting tt no one would recognise me.. but i was proven otherwise anyway.. XD I screwed up his poor hair.. *apologises* But was quite fun with the "looked-outta-place" goggles. ^__^
Got the "Z", belt and the pants wrong.. Gomen nai sai! *hides* XD


Jrock cosplay 2003


Character: Gackt (from illuminati)

Jrock band: Malice Mizer

I love MM!!!!!!!!! *announce it over n over again* but i... *sobs* trashed my fav. guy big time. T___T Heavy eyebags from mugging. And i'm not suave enuff! ARGH! Anyway, i think the doctor tags on the pockets, is the proudest thing i have there. Coz that's the only thing made by myself. The rest is buy one. *lazy bum* ^^;


Cosfest 2003


Character: Icchan

Manga/anime: Angelic Layer

LOL! i know e costume look strangely like a reworn *looks away* Oh well, My own Angelic layer group was Really really LAME! Called ourselves "Angelic Lamer" LOL! Lame enuff. And i even had to fall on stage. LOL! Cosfest was a craze. My fav. part is walking ard eating bananas and watching people's expression changes. XD          HE-N-TA-I!!!!!!!!!!!