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My Artwork~

My drawings...
Err... Haven't really had time to draw... so that should explains it horrible quality (didn't practise enough) and the really outdated work..... ^____^;;;

Original works... (might be using an external account for this.. so taken out all most of the drawings)
Done: 2002
My bball team 2002 =^^=
Fanarts... (Dun have & no idea how to CG..)

Done: 1998
Ashura, RG Veda
: Pencil
Comments: My 1st manga fanar, Stillone of my fav. piece.. mabe bcoz i like Ashura a lot ^^;;

Done: 1998
Hikaru's sword
By: Pencils
Comments: Was having a sword craze when i drew this... Nothing impressive i guess.
Done: 1999
Squall Lionheart, FF8
By: Pencils
Comments: Drew this for my squall-crazy sis.
Done: 24/9/2000
Rurouni Kenshin
By: Pencils
Comments: Was challenging the photocopying machine when i drew this ^^;;
Done: 2000
The main character of Houshin engi??
By: Pencils
Comments: The one and only "real fanart"... For elaine~
Done: 2000
Sendoh, Slam dunk
By: Pencils
Comments: LOL! had a whale of time "mowing" and"growing" his hair! XD
Sakura, from Card captor sakura
By: Charcol Pencil
Comments: Was testing my newly bought charcol pencil on this pic. The 1st lesson of " nv draw without drafting with pencil was learnt here" ^^;; --The charcol lines are permanant...

The main character from Shen2 moi2 Jiang4 Shi4
By: Charcol Pencil
Comments: Playing with my charcol pencil again... 1st llesson not learnt, had a 2nd lesson of " nv draw without drafting with pencil was learnt here" XD

Done: 18/3/02
Yue, CCS
By: Poster colours
Comments: Trying to get my poster paints working again.. so i painted this one.
Done: 1/4/2002
Billy, Riot
By: Pencils
Comments: Had a hard time trying to make shading look like different colours..
Done: 1/4/2002
Lucifer, Angel santuary
By: Pencils
Comments: ...