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The links!!! *excited* Pls do look at all these sites... they are great!!!!
As for banners... still learning to make them.. ahahaha...
do link up to me if u can!! ^_________^

million thanks to mikiko for helping me make these 2 banner~~!

Shuui's Great webby~~... One of my Favourites

Mikiko's site. Very beauitful wor!
Takahan's webby, Have impressive artwork there!

Karei's webby, Very cozy there ^^

Chibby's Webby! Very nice site!!
Gin's Webbie~ Got kawaii piccies there!!! Go see! go see!!! XD
Himoko's Site~ Very nice and got a lot of Bishounen!! XD~~~
Kurama and keiko's webby~ toking abt a really good site.. here's check out the illustrations!
Rene's webby!!!! Very nice layout~~ and lots of stuffs there wor~
Yuan Yuan's Site~~ Very pretty! Lots of things abt her cosplay activities~
Mae's webby~~~ her drawings is really nice!!!
Bright's Webby~ Lotsa things abt cosplay and esp Jrock there~
Andra's Webby, will get whack if i dun link her XD


Exchanged link

An Italian cosplayer's site! Very impressive there wor. All the costumes and links.. *__*