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D'ailleurs Ouest Vent - v8- In the Nightz

Monday, 24/03/03

Cosplay yesterday was fun! Glomped (should be ganna glomped) a lot of pple yesterday. Very happy to see all the familar faces ^____^ .
Was quite sad tt i screwed up Haru's hair... His poor hair.. *apologises to Haru's fans* Will do a better version next time if i ever manage to find his red shirt! >__<
And thanks sooo much more my friends who came down and had to help me with my hair and costume... Thanks soooo muchh.. *grateful grateful*

Everyone looked great yesterday!
Mae, looking extremely cool in her black prom dress! XD
Shuui, koichi and karei looked kawaii! LOL! Go HXH! ^___^
Sena was a really bishie elf.. Too bad i didn't manage to get a pic of her.. ;__;
Kurama and Keiko are as really really Pretty elves!!! >_< My friends juz kept saying... "take a closer pic!"
Gin looking kawaii as usual in her OC~ LOL! I love the fighting pose taken with her.
Bright and Karugi looked very outstanding and impressive. and i accidentally snapped too much shots of them i guess. XD
The Jrock cosplayers looked very very cooooolllll~~~ *snaps cam away*
The AS team was impressive~
Sakurawars team is really big and the costumes are soooo nice..
and i saw so much others... list goes on.. *too lazy to type*

I took out my braces today!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHH~~~~!!!!! I'm so happy~ I dun care if my gums bleed horribly bcoz of it.. But it feels damn good. Kept grining to myself all day.. LOL!
*grins widely*

Mood: Genki again~ XD Cosplay ROX!!!

Saturday, 22/03/03

Mixed Signals~!
Went to watch BA's play, Mixed Sginals with Joel today. Very very interesting story. The actors and actresses were really pro. Esp BA, which i was struggling so hard not to ROFLMAO... but luckily ended up only LOL-ing. It's very very hilarious.. was laughing all the way. Alot of lame jokes and these pple are really good. A play tt's really worth every cent. Too bad it's the last day when i went.. or i'll have dragged more pple down to see the second time with me. It's really impressive.
BA is really really funny.. It's so unlike her in the story.. Joel and i was like.. "OMG!!!! *MAJOR SWEATDROP*" LOL!!!! It's damn funny... i was really choking on my laughter. *Still laughing extremely loudly in e BG* XDD

Hope to see lots of familar faces tt i missed tomolo~ And I love cosplay~~!!! Whee! XD

Mood: Genki

Tuesday, 18/3/03

LOL! Had fun today~ *waves tutorials good-bye for a day*
Met up with Joel in the morning today.. very interesting gal. Reminds me of a rather good friend of mine, a ex teammate. Too bad i was feeling all gorgy today... meet her up too early liao ^^;;; *night cat*... *appologises* >__<
Caught up with Tess in the afternoon to catch "Chigago"! woah! toking sensual dances! *wolf whistles* Lots of ladies loaded with juz muscles pole dancing away. Juz like moulin rouge?? (forgot sp). Although the plot sux... abt Bimbos and jerks, but overall it's a really cool less-than-2hr show. All the dances are terrific!
After tt, on the train home, Tess make a rather shocking request (as usual) and was of course refused by me, then she cheekly got off her stop. The best part was, after she left, the lady on my right moved a seat away from me.. LOL!!!! Tess is really a damn pro at freaking innocent bystanders out. HAHAHA!
The train moves on.. it's suppose to say something like "next stop, Yishun"... Instead, it blurp out.. "next stop, Amk" ... *silence*.. Then it changes its statement.. "next stop, Khatib"... a few sch gals on my left started giggling very loudly. Finally, after a long pause, the thing goes "next stop, Yishun"... LOL! Very efficient system eh? XDD

Man, i feel like changing my blog layout again... =__=;; *controls*

Mood: Amused

Monday, 10/3/03, 7.00pm

Presenting Kougaiji!! He's my fav. guy outta Saiyuki, so decided to make a layout of him. Dunno where i rip the picture from, but didn't put add-ons to the pic coz I'm trying to show simplicity~
Is on a two day MC therefore got time to make this next layout~ Yeahhh... Wanted to make this layout purposely to cramp all the bball interschools championships update~ Can't have a bloody layout for such an event right? LOL! Hopefully i wun change the layout b4 the events even started.. XD
Finally done something to the Links~ update liao! Whee~

The schedule is out! Yeah! YJC VS MJ (some super new JC?) coming up at the end of March~
Jing yi, our main center, fractured her finger recently... Looks like it'll take abt a month to recover! >__< nooooo.....

Thought of the day: U have 2 choices everyday. To make ur day a good one or a bad one.

Name: Zephyus
Age: 18

Abt :
A typical Arian. Presently a college student. Loves Cosplay, Bball, manga Currently Slaving over Tests and Tutorials~ XD



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A pic of Kougaiji.. dunno where i took it from.. ^^;; Decided tt i dun like things squashed together so i change to this kind of layout again

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