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D'ailleurs Ouest Vent - v9- In the arms of the angel

Friday, 6/6/03, 11.10pm

*ganna whacked* x__<;
Blogging now~ blogging now~ *removes the temporary hiatus sign"
*appologises* couldn't find time to blog.
Oh well, Actually very busy and nothing much to blog. Been mugging and continuously burning midnight oil these days *dies* Think i have experience what's call the "black out"? Mom says i slept too little and suffering from low blood pressure... ?? Thought people who do frequent exercise will tend to have high blood pressure? *confused*

Oh yeah, went to look for leaves to make the prop for the cafe cosplay... No nice leaves only brittle overly brown ones. LOL! So pull a thick skin go to buy broom. Feel so weird when the lady came over and ask me what kind of brooms i wan? the plastic one? or the wooden one, or the one from jap that's super sturdy? Hahahaha! (In my mind: "I wan the broom which have enough straws 4 me to shred") Of course i didn't say that out loud. Juz ask for the cheapest broom, grab and fly home.

I wanna go for cosplays~~~ Cosplays~!!!

Heh, think life will be too hectic for me to blog for now. But juz incase i suddenly find time to blog abt something i think is interesting, I'll juz hang a "TEMPORARY Hiatus tag" here. ^^;

complaints complaints.
And.. My holis.. been pushed back to the 19th! 19th of JUNE! And i have two mid yr "A" papers on the 28th! What the?!?!?! ARGH!!! Then i have this "holiday time table" for june which looked not much diff from the normal timetable. Juz the name nicer i guess.. =__=Xx Plus multiple tests during these times. *faintz* The my teachers keep crashing tons and tons of holidays tutorials to do during the "june holis" which is only roughly one week on top of the normal huge amt of tutorials they are already giving.
...... So stress... They didn't give anytime to study for the midyear papers at all.. even though they claimed that they had. I was told that i'll be kicked outta sch if i dun get a 2 As 2AOs for the paper. Think i'll need to prepare for that liao.. *saddens* T___T

Social Blogging~
For those who have received their confirmation reply that they have been admitted to the faculty they desire.. CONGRATS!!!! CONGRATS!!!! Very happy for u guys!!! Hopefully i can make it in next year and meet up with u guys there! >___<

Chib- I LOVE the drawing.. seriously.. U should draw more, for the sake of ur art fans.. XD~~

Koichi & Shuui- LOL! Singapore weather very hard to be Xing Jing. Think also feel hot. Beta bring ICE,fans (mechanic and paper ones), tissues, build in aircon, or even big big leaves. Juz to make it a cooling event~ XD

Mood: Fainting... @_@

Tuesday, 27/5/03, 2.00pm

Blog Blog
YJ vs AJC - 34-39
After a week of frustation cooling.. I'll not discuss the match btn YJC and AJC any further although i think some ppl may have heard of what happened. Nothing eventful. Juz that my team didn't make it to the semis.

Oh well, now is back to the hectic school life. School will be gg into compact timetable mode soon. *gets ready to camp in sch* Think i spend more time in sch than at home. *sigh* I wanna go out and play~ I wanna go for cosplays!!! *wails*

Mood: Lethargic
Music: Midge Ure - Breathe

Monday, 19/5/03, 7.00pm

Quad Finals
YJ vs SAJC - 55- 39
*bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep*!!!! ARGH!!!!! This is SOOO frustrating!!!!! The referees are so *bleep* *bleep* SIDING!!!! @&^%#@!!! I seriously can't believe it! Half of SA's score comes from FREE THROWS! FREE THROWS! Can u believe it? and two of my teammates got foul out, thanks to the referees! ARGH!! How long will this kinda of discrmination last!?!?!? *burns*
*SOBS* This is so so so frustrating. i was on all my strength today. Having bruise concentrated knees and for the 1st time for this year matches, i ran so hard until i'm down with cramps on both legs. I can only sit at the bench (on the times when i'm not in court) holding my painful legs and watch the referees goes abt unstoppable in their merciless acts. Then limped my way to the referee table and thank them.. ARGHHHHHHH~~~!!! *goes ard smashing the house*

*cools down for a moment* Well, this is juz the starting. I'm to expect a much much horrible referee siding for the next match. Since AJC is the one who org this interschs thingy, as i've heard that the referees are doing full time siding for them. They wouldn't have made it to the quad finals if not for the referees. *gets prepare for the next battle*

Mood: Extremely frustrated

Saturday, 17/5/03, 6.00pm

Schedule for Quad Finals!!!!
Below is the Schedule for the quad finals. Errr.. dunno time correct anot becoz i only receive the time to leave sch but not the match time. So this is the calculated time. If anyone wans to come down, do sms me for an update of the correct time! XD

Venue: CCA Branch
YJC vs SAJC - mon 12.30pm
YJC vs AJC - Wed 2pm
(semi-finals will only affect my team if we won both matches i guess?)

kk. For those who wanna head down to CCAB, here's the instructions to get there...

Venue: CCAB aka (SPE, SMU or old NIE)
Best method to go there : By cab~ XDD

By car (b4 i forgot to add this in): erm, i dunno how to drive, but well, CCAB is JUZ right behind BOTANICs garden. drive ard and u'll see the big stadium thingy with red tracks and blue shelter. That's it.

By bus (will get lost very easily, so must keep eyes big big and follow my
instructions closely) :
- go newton mrt
- get out of the card slotting thing. When reaches exit, there's this go left or right thingy. Go LEFT
- Go up the escalator/stairs
- When reach the top. Turn 4 o'clock direction!!! Look for the oddly located path tt goes nowhere.
- Take the path, until u reach a rather tattered busstop.
- Take bus 67
- Abt 5-10 mins ride or later. Look on the left of the bus. LOOK for the CCAB building (rather big) or if u're taller, look for the obvious red running tracks or the huge blue shelter beside it. There's basically a blue stadium in front of the CCAB building. Look out for it!! Miss it and u'll need to take a cab back. ^^;;
- Once u catcha glimpse of the building, get down at the bus stop.
- walk towards the tracks. There's a gate opening at the side. Near the end of the tracks shelter. Enter it.
- walk along the the tracks. uphill until u reach the big building, CCAB at the top. Dun enter from it's front entrance. Try walking ard the building (on the soil) more preferably on the left of the building until u see a opening to enter.
Once u enter. U'll see a big hockey field. at the far end of the left side of the field is a swimming pool. Go to the RIGHT side of the HOCKEY FIELD. There'll be three big doors, filled with pple swarming all over the place.
- The match will be held either on the 1st court (at the 1st door) of the third court (at the last door) if u reach there earlier, go to the second court to look for familar faces, coz the second court is the training court, where teams not down for match yet will be warming up.
- To look for my sch team, Look for a bunch of pple wearing blue jerseys with white sides. ^_____^ Hope ta see ya there~

- There'll be quite a lot of people going there. If u're unsure of how to go in, try following the crowd if u see any. Look for younger ones or people who look like they are going for some kind of sports.
- Taking by cab will still requires u to follow the 2nd half of the above instructions XD
- Pls bring waterbottles, tissues etc or even minifans there if possible, coz that place is super super humid and warm. ^^;;;

*whispers* if anybody gg, can buy me a sandwich? XD

Wednesday, 14/5/03, 8.30pm

Last match for now~
YJ vs PJ, 46-40
Heh, nothing i expected. PJ is really quite strong. We almost lose it. They have a really good controller and a super sharp shooter, pluz most of the players were good with rebounds. We were lagging behind in the 1st quad. And all the way we just O_O;;;;;. Of course, plus the referees were kinda siding, everyone had to play extra hard. But good game played. Their controller looked and behave juz like Xindi.. LOL!! told Xindi that during the game and she juz O__OX at me, then laugh and denied forcefully. I think she thinks that she look alot more goodlooking than that controller. Hahaha! XD
Last Sat, my coach was speaking loudly to one of the guards in my team during one of our team meeting, "hey, look here. You gotta go forward and get the Ball! My hopes are on you already, since both of our main centers are useless!" ^^;;;; Of course him meant me and the other center sitting beside me. Kinda felt like an arrow shot thru my heart *Peirced!* Argh! *dies* Oh well, so much for my poor performance. LOL! Coz i made it back today in this particular match that my coach needs lots of rebounders. Shot in 2 balls~ Whee~ Of course, i was really working my ass out, falling all over the court, sliding landing flat on the ground a couple times. Best was when i slided out of the court trying to save a ball and almost ramp into the audience. The other time was when i was running hot behind the controller when my legs give way and i crashed hard onto the controller.. Gomen! >__<; Oh well~ great game though.
Quad finals~ Here i come! MUAHAHAHA~

My com gave up on me the day b4! Well, my dad wanna use my com so he pushed the "on" button.. and "TOCK!" a weird sound and my com died. Then it emits a horrible burned rubber smell. Immediately my sis and i turned into engineers and get to work. Looks like its only a burned power supply box. My com revived yesterday night after we fixed in the new supply box. Whee~ *computer addict" XD Lucky its not my hard drive. ^_____^

Mood: Muahahahaha~

Thursday, 8/5/03, 1.20pm

more update!
YJ vs JI, 42-09
*smiles* another expected victory. Whee~ Looks like it'll be no problem for my team to get into the quad finals since i heard that PJ only won MJ by 2 pts~ Anyway, all the interesting and exciting match will be during the quad finals~ I can't wait for them!
KK~ Match with JI was quite tiring, since their speed is very fast, everyone was too worn out to get any good shots thus the low score of 42 for us. Fortunately JI was worse in shooting therefore they didn't get any points until our 16th point. I played really badly. Got kicked out of the main five and onto as bench player.. *sigh* Maybe coach didn't need a tall rebounder then since e opponent team isn't very tall at all.
*self console* So i juz sat there chatting with the other Benched center. XD
And... Rynn slei, andra (summersnow) and Elaine came and watch my match!!! I'm so happy~ ^___^ Although i played really badly, but is really happy that someone would actually come down to that super Ulu and humid place to watch the match. Thanks you gals~~ ~~^___^~~ *gan tong* They got hit by a ball while watching the match, poor them. Watch out next time~! ^^;; Too bad no pics was taken when we pinic juz outside the compound toilet.. LOL! what a sight! XD
Went to watch X-men 2 with them after that. The show is damn cool~!!!!! A must watch~ ^______^ *will not add any spoilers here*

Ahahahahaha~ taking MC today to nurse my health after trying to cope with a serious cough and days and days of continuous trainings and matches. YEAH~ no more matches till next wed. I need a sleeping break~ Phew~ *goes sleep*

Mood: tired but happy ^____^

Monday, 5/5/03, 7.10pm

2nd updates!~
YJ vs MJ, 63-23!!!!
Yes~ We won them by 40 points~ MUAHAHAHAHA~
Heh heh, maybe bcoz they didn't have tall ppl in their team. But well, they have a lot of determination after only scoring like the 1st shot at our 12th pt. Think they starts to panic a little and everyone starts getting alittle violent. There's this cute gal who goes ard whacking everyone and walks off without any fouls (our assumption is tt she's too cute for the referees XD). Oh well, i met up with her and she juz "TONG!" me on the head when she misses the ball and hit hard my head instead (she too short liao) then she kept appologising nonstop.. =___=;;;
Hmm.. not bad lar, only a headache, a slapped face and a finger that nearly broke for this match. Compared to the RJ's one, RJ ple are not very violent. Juz Strong and solid lead muscles. You'll be in real pain if u bang hard onto them. Ganna a cheek bruise for crashing headfirst with one of them. Then a couple of bone got hit hard that's all. Overall not much bloodshead. ^____^
Juz hopefully will still survive the rest of the matches in one piece. ^^;;;

Mood: Bball fever~ Phew~

Sunday, 4/5/03, 3.10pm

Bball interschools championships~
Updates on yesterday's Interschools results.
YJ vs RJ , 32-50. It's a really good game played. Coz everyone put in their best. Afterall, it's was heard that RJ have been predicted by other coaches to be the strongest team this year. They have really tall players with strength of bulls. Walked passed 2 of their centers yesterday in the toilet. Passed the 1st center and she's like half a head taller than me. Didn't get a good look of the second center behind her bcoz the center was covered by the 1st center but i can see her head popping half a head taller than her... in other words, the 2nd center was a head taller than me! *faintz* The rest of their players isn't very short either, most ard my height.. =__=; And i can the guards in my team being squashed by them like a valley in the mountains. And muahahahaha~ I think i finally gain back abit of my team mates's trust after i shot 2 free throws at the start of the game and both goes in clean and silent... That's something to remember for life. Coz every point is crucial in tt particular game. Hmmm... though lost, i still wish to meet up with them in the quarter finals. ^^

Other game schedules for my sch (all held at CCAB)...
YJ vs MJ - mon 2.15pm
YJ vs JI - wed 3.30pm
YJ vs PJ - wed (14/5) 3.30pm
(schedules for the quad finals will only be out after all the games have finish)

Mood: Burning~~!! GRRRR~!!!

Your fate has been decided....

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Level 7 (Violent)Low
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Moderate
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Very Low

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Thursday, 1/5/03, 10.40pm

Got to be one of Black.heaven 's photographer!! Whee~~ All day at Kranji war memorial.. Snapping away at their gothic outfits.. Really look like a jrock band.. wait.. they are! XD Damn shiok.. Very fun. Loved the scenery pics i took (without anyone inside ones) LOL!! *runs from being hamtam by tess*
Best part was when we ordered canadian pizza over to the place.. LOL! *recalls the delivery boy's look* The pics look great anyway. ^____^ *very satisfied*

Tuesday, 22/4/03, 7.00pm

Cosplay plans~
Muahahaha~ After discussing with the rest of the lamers, I have in the following the rather confirmed chara i might be cosplaying for the rest of the year, coz in order to cosplay as a group, this is the assumed best choices. Basically the charas didn't change, juz the order...
Cosfest- ichichan (dunno sp) from AL~
June jrock- Still as the chara tess wans me to cosplay
MAC day1- Umeda from hanakimi
MAC day2- Kazuhiko from clover~

So tt's abt it. Too early to post next year's chara now. Until further changes perhaps. And sorry for those who is expecting a Umeda this july. >_<

For those wondering, well... the bball interschools championships due to e SARS thingy have changed to May. And the 1st match (as i have heard so far) is on 3rd May for my school~ And i actually made it my sch team~!! (with my horrible skills) LOL! Will work harder~ And the jerseys are SOOOOOO NICEEEE~~~!!!! ~~~>____<~~~ I'm glad i got in. XD Whee~!! Fight Fight!

Mood: Happy~ ^____^

Friday, 11/4/03, 00.30am

Argh!! Should have nv mentioned the photos.. It SUX! It SUX!! *burns them*
I dun look like gackt!!!!! Gackt's so.. Bishie!!!! Arghhhhh
And tess... thanks for raping my com for them.. =__=; *sayang the raped com*
And i loved the clips!!!! Thanks!!! ^________^ *LOL! at the swah swah clip*

Was reading Karei's blog.. decided to rip some stuffs outta it~ sorry ^^;;

Taken from Karei



FULL NAME? _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _

BIRTHDAY? 5/4/84

AGE? 19... time is cruel...


WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? Lotsa stuffs... *thinks hard*

DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS OR GLASSES? Glasses normally. And contacts during training or cosplays.

PERFECT MAN/WOMAN? No one's perfect

DO YOU LIKE YOURSELF? I'm damn egoistic... what do u think? ^_-

EMBARRASSING MOMENT? LOL! mind ur own business.

YOUR GOOD FRIENDS? Good friends ar... very lazy to type so many leh... =__=;


ICE-CREAM? Pepperminttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!

VEGETABLE? Erm erm... brocoli? kang kong? >__<;

FAST FOOD? *______* BURGERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Any fast food will do~!!!

CANDY? Breathemints?

BEVERAGE? errrrr.... H2O?

MOVIE? Comedy, fantasy!

TALK SHOW? *snooze*


ACTOR? Bradpit!!! *wolf whistles*


SINGER? Kurama... LOL! she is considered?? XD

PLACE TO VISIT? Nature's paradise

COLOURS? BLACK BLACK BLACK... and perhaps blue.

JEWELLERY? Earring. One.



ANIMAL? Does teddy bear and em3h counts?

FLOWER? Sun flowers. & anything i think is pretty. (must show me 1st)



CAREER? Career? career? NOOOO i wanna play 4ever. XD *ganna smack*


DRANK ALCOHOL? Perhaps an occassional Vodka recently

SMOKED? *burns any cigars ard* DESTROYYYYY

BROKEN THE LAW? Hahahaha~! tt depends

RAN AWAY FROM HOME? Heh.. *looks away*.

BROKEN A BONE? *looks at the arm sling under the desk..* ... ... ^___^

PLAYED STRIP POKER? U wanna play with me? *winks*

PLAYED TRUTH OR DARE? Hai~ i love the dares~!!!

FLASHED SOMEONE? I think pple will puke. Beta not.

MOONED SOMEONE? I'll moon u if i like it.


BEEN IN A PHYSICAL FIGHT? Haaaaaaiiiiiiii Yaaaaaaa! *punches n kicks* Of course lar!

RODE IN A POLICE CAR? LOL! it's damn cool. Makes passengers looks like criminal like tt. (Juz a borrowed police vehicle coz my dad didn't have a car then)

BEEN ON A PLANE? nope. U pay ar?

COME CLOSE TO DYING? who haven't?

CHEATED ON YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER? I'm so god damn loyal, u'll cringe

BEEN IN A SAUNA? Nope. Bo liu...

BEEN IN A HOT TUB? Nope.. *thinks of test tubes*.

SWAM IN THE OCEAN? ... only sea...


ABORTION? Neutral.. *writes a whole GP essay abt it*

CLASSICAL? That'll depends. Most i'll juz sleep thru them

SOAP OPERAS? i rather watch animes. The Bishounens are more drooling nice.


AMUSEMENT PARKS? They exist plainly for the sake of making ppl waste money for a sec of excitment and bruises and is the place of gathering for groups of ppl looking for one. XDD

WHAT IS.............



YOUR SECRET CRUSH? Huh? I dun have. i very open nowadays. XD

YOUR MOST PRIZED POSSESSION? My eight year old pencil and my earring lor. Plus my mangas....

ARE YOU A........

GOOD STUDENT? Man, i'm a model student who hand up blank tutorials and files. Skip lectures and Pon sch. ^^

GOOD ACTOR/ACTRESS? dun think so. U'll only see me LOL! all the time.

GOOD DANCER? u're prob ask... "R U trying out some martial art stunts?"

GOOD STORYTELLER? No... my sis will Zzzz very fast.


STITCHES? errr... think so.. but tt was when i was very young. can't recall.


CANCER? What in the world? No lar!



SOMEONE PUNCH YOU? All the time.. *recalled the violent trainings.*

DO YOU......

WET THE BED? Hell no!


LIKE TO SING? Love singing and traumatising my sis with it.

LIKE TO SHOP? With $$? YES~~ Without? It sux

LIKE TO PARTY? Party is great! As long as i feel tt i'm not wasting my time there. Must have good company~

BEEN IN TROUBLE A LOT?? Huh? u mean failing tests ar? who doesn't?

EAT A LIVE HAMSTER FOR A MILLION $? U're damn sick. No way. Give me the Million bucks and i'll rear the hamster for u.

GO TO A HANSON CONCERT IF YOU HAD A FREE TICKET? Nope. Will bribe someone with it. XDD


KILL SOMEONE YOU DIDN'T KNOW FOR 15 MILLION DOLLARS? Hey, Save lifes! Juz give me the 15 million $$.

ANYONE OFFERED YOU A SMALL PART IN A MOVIE WOULD YOU ACCEPT? Depends on what kinda of movie is tt. and what role

HOW LONG WAS YOUR LONGEST RELATIONSHIP? 1 year, with my pet tortoise.. T___T kins ship.

WHAT ARE YOUR NICKNAMES? Z-U.. (and all the other Yingz available) , ducky ( =__=; at the channel), tall one, Sotong (long time ago lar), ... etc.. (others too old liao.. And i really hated them.. so liberately forget liao XDD)


EARLIEST MEMORY? My mom changing my diapers?

TIME FINISHED? 1.30 a.m. Hey, i admit, i type very slow.

The Yaoi Selector: Which Uke are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

The Yaoi Selector: Which Seme are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Tuesday, 8/4/03

Birthday parties~
Muahahaha! Had a really odd B'd this year.. as usual. LOL! Every year 's juz diff. None too normal either.
On Fri, i didn't go clubbing. Changed my mind the that morning after i realised tt clubbing isn't that fun at all. (Sorry Joel! >_<)...
Met up with Shuui in the afternoon.
Her hair is shaggy blonde!! LOL!!!! And she's still looking as chio as always.. XDD *flees* She gave me an extremely kawaii looking present!!! I call it kawaiishuui after everyone agrees that it looked juz like shuui sitting there and swinging her head looking soooooooo kawaiiiiiiiiiiii!!! >____< *gets ready to dodge shuui's attack* Hahahahaha!
Then BA invited me over to her hostel in the evening. Well, i hop down.. and its a two hours ride. Coz i lost my way along the road... *idiot* ^^;; But it was fun. Got a free meal from her and we had a very long talk, all the way to her "not-so-messy-room". Enjoyed myself immensely there. Her words are priceless.
Anyway, rushed home and manage to get a surprised 12am b'd celebration from my sisters. *surprise surprise* And i got this sooo lovely anklet from them. I love u, sisters!! >___< They actually remembered tt i wanted an anklet awhile back.. w/c even i had forgotten liao. XD *touched*

Sat was cool. Very genki tt day (my b'd what). Elaine, rynn tslei and summersnow camp over at my place to celebrate my b'd. They tried out my bball jerseys and do sailormoon poses which looked so funnnnnnyyyyy on them!!! *pengz* ROFLMAO!!! Gave me a very very nice sports tee.. looking suspiciously like a netball jersey to me.. Thank you gals!!!! =^^=

Sun, well, rynn tslei and summersnow ROT and DECOMPOSED at my house until evening, *looks at the accumlated mushrooms*.. =___=;
My sisters and i had a mini gothic photoshoot at home that evening.. damn cool. Ah gal says i looked abit like gackt.. XDD *sets a barrier incase Tess decides to set a curse* LOL! Of course i dun look tt suave lar. I think all my sisters are soooooo pretty! *smirk smirk* XD

kk.. there goes the 3 days celebration in an ultra summarised version~ time to study liao~!! ^^ 
Wheeeeeeeee~~~ *swings head together with kawaiishuui* XDDD

Mood: B'd genki!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!

Monday, 31/3/03

Dark from DNangel... another pic dunno ripped from where. Wan a very angelic and clean feeling now. For my B'D week. For a really lonely B'd week. So made this super simple layout, which i kept redoing bcoz of my darn com that kept hanging. *kicks com*
Couldn't get that super sad song outta my heart... Angel... *weeps* so i had to make this layout, with evidence of that song all over the place.
Perhaps this layout could serves as a comforting pic for others.. i
'll nv know. So hope that u're embraced by an angel this very moment. And may you find comfort here.

Birthday wishlist~~
Muahahaha... writing earlier... *hint hint* XDD
1) A really unreasonable request which was turned down b4 i get to ask.. (personal)
2) A RG Veda illustration book! (i think tess might be getting for me~) LOL!
3-10) Anything related to sports (esp bball), manga, anime, com, etc.... easy rite? XD

Went clubbing recently with Joel.. met alot of new pple.. was @__@;;;;;; all the way.Joel keep disappearing... =__=;;;
Main impression.. very very very SMOKY. Gonna die of passive smoking there. Warning: youngster pls try not to go. The law is there for a reason.
Clubbing is a really messy place, pple wise.
Like the floor dancing.. was really fun. I love it, though my dancing sux to the core.
Took up social drinking i guess. Vodka wasn't so bad afterall... but still tasted like soft drink to me... =__=; (but doesn't mean tt i like drinking wor)
May be going again for the last time.. juz for the sake of counting down to my B'd. LOL! *shrugs*

Didn' sleep a wink that night.. mosquitoes attack. Then i went for training the next morning.. Lucky it's juz tactics training.. feel like fainting liao.
Cycle my sis over to Tess's house to kar jiao her. Very enjoyable to be toking to her again. Then we watched her malice mizer and etc's clip. Those were very lame... LOL! i'm very amused. I think i'm starting to like Malice Mizer with gackt inside.. The people very bishie and i loved their costumes and attitude.. LOL!
After tt, we went for an ice-cream and then over to the play ground to play swings.. LOL! sounds like a bunch of kids.. i know.. but i really appreiciate the fun. Coz we swing till our butts ache , Tess and my sis juz swing and twirl their hearts out. Very fun. Very fun. ^____^
Died on my bed soon enuff tt night.

*Sigh* Very sad... Everything sux this year. Everything. Peers, family, r/s, studies and bball. At 1st my parents deciding to go for their honeymoon during my b'd was bad enuff.. Then The SARS thingy... is that a sign? I hope not. *shakes away the horrible horrible thoughts that kept growing*
Feels like a love consultant lately.. LOL! but who am i to lecture those who is older and more experienced than me? Hahahha! i feel so thick skinned. Juz told them what i was thinking at the precise moment. Man, i sux at r/s.
Anyway... da ta! I bought this lovely lovely black shirt who's price can let anyone cry... damn ex.. but it's soooooo lovely...... Muahahaha! *kiss the shirt continuosly* XD

Mood: ********* XD

Name: Zephyus
Age: 19

Abt :
A typical Arian. Presently a college student. Loves Cosplay, Bball, manga Currently Slaving over Tests and Tutorials~ XD



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