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D'ailleurs Ouest Vent - v10- Bring me to life, Apportez-moi à la vie

Thurs, 26/6/03, 2.30pm

A moment of silence and prayers
For a friend...





Wed, 18/6/03, 12.05pm

Changed Layout! Finally!
Heh.. Finally changed my layout to... Yu Yu Hakuso~!! Ta da! With words ripped from "bring me to life" Oh well, been wanting to make a new layout, but dun have the time and couldn't find a suitable pic to put.. So after 3 months.. Muahahaha~ Dug in my old folders and found these! Yeahhhh... Well, its beta than nothing rite? XD

Jrock cosplay on SAT~
Heh. Not bad for the 1st Jrock cosplay i attended. Went very early to Tess's house to get the things done. Hair was a disaster. Then we hop down to Heerens to change at GC. Met up with leXis there.
Gomen na sai~!!! Thrashed Gackt-sama big time.. Too tired that day.

The event site was located beside Heerens, on that super hot open fields. Its a very amusing sight to see the audience, hiding somewhat 50m away from the stage in the shades leaving a big open space in the middle scorched by the sun. Some of the Bands there put up a nice performance. But by mid-afternoon, the small crowd right in front of the stage and those at standing 50m away had cleared, to Heerens to get away from the hostile sun. B4 i left that miserable place, Tess and i heard the hosts self consoling themselves (or hallucinating ) "Wow, we're so HOT here~!" (there's nobody infront of the stage by then)
Went to GC and found that all the other cosplayers are there already. Spotted alot of familar faces even thought they are not cosplaying. Hmm.. All the costumes very nice that day.. although my Jrock data bank is soooo limited. Very impressive, too bad there's too little jrockers.

Lovely pain~~
*Grinz stiffly* yeap.. lovely pain. Went for wisdom tooth extraction yesterday. Wanted to take out all four in one shot.. but my dad will murder me. Only took out 2 this time. Sheesh, all the "surgery" thingy looked so damn serious, i was kinda freaked out by it. And the amt of blood i see in the cylinder (tt sucks up e blood during the operation) after the operation was... =___=;;;
Tried to see how long i can last after the Antiseptics wear off... Was banging my head on the walls soon after the pain shot to my head and gave me a wonderful migraine. Finally took the pain killers after 3 hrs of head banging *looks at the dented walls* XD
Face swelling and could hardly tok now.. Had to type on notepad to debate an issue with my sis.. LOL! Oh well, juz added the 2 teeth to my other 4 permanent teeth collection. The idea of taken out abt a quad of my permanent teeth is quite.. =__=; *sigh* 2 more teeth to go~ More days of moaning ahead! XD

Mood: Frustrating Pain!! >_______<;;;;;

Thoughts: Do u see the 5 yr old, 14yr old, 19 yr old or the 30 yr old me?

Music: Bring me to life

Name: Zephyus
Age: 19

Abt :
A typical Arian. Presently a college student. Loves Cosplay, Bball, manga Currently Slaving over Tests and Tutorials~ XD



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