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D'ailleurs Ouest Vent - v11- God's name

Sunday, 20/3/04, 00.40am

Updating for once
I know its dusting here. Updating my wishlist now. XD
Very lazy to elaborate on my reasons for missing so long. Been thru up n downs with my com. ^^;
Juz got Dreamweaver installed to update my blog. Now waiting for PS7 to make new blog layout. Shall update somemore later.

Mood: Z_________Z

Music: Mystic eyes

Thursday, 18/12/03, 2.00am

Reopening of my blog!
*Ganna poked to become "holy-ducky"* ^^; Hai! Hai! Blog finally open liao! *types*
Whee~ *glomps everyone* Sorry, been very Busy with my cosplay stuffs lately! >__< I'm really rushing like there's no tomorrow.. Fantasia is so near! *panicks*
Those expecting an artwork from me for christmas please be prepared for a delay.. coz.. Urgh! i need more time!
Everyone who saw my props is like... "U really gonna finish THIS on time?!?"
=__=|||... Hopefully i will... *sigh* Currently my props look like a mega spaceship. LOL! expect the worst! I think i'm gonna trash another character this yr end. >_<
Well, the main thing is... I can't wait to see everyone again!! Miss all of ya! *eats up everyone* Muahahaha! XD

By the way, i may be moving my blog as well as my site soon.. coz the tripod banners very ugly ne *points up* So look out for it! ^^

OH! Pls tell me if u wan a gift from me.. coz i have a feeling i'll miss out here n there. XD

Heh, i put up a wishlist! I wan presies! XD Frankly speaking, I dun quite know what i wan.. so i made up a simple (and mainly affordable) wishlist. LOL! Its nearly christmas wor!

I ripped this out from the manga "Shen de ming zhi" (which means, god's name) and then redecorated it. Kinda screwed up the pic bcoz I'm really unfamilar with PS7, cannot achieve the effect i wan.. TT__TT. Not that i'm currently crazy over this manga or what... juz that i happen to be reading this while i was looking for a pic to put on my blog.. so why not? (By the way, the "tian gou" in the story is quite bishie XD) Seriously speaking, its a rather dark and bloody story, not really recommended.

Mood: @__@;;;;;;;;;

Music: Love song for a saviour

Taken from the manga "Shen de ming zhi" (dunno jap/eng name). Heavily spoiled by me using PS7.

Christmas wishlist:
1) Mp3 player
2) RG Veda artbk
3) Pencil box
4) More animes
5) More mangas
6) See everyone
7) See more pple
8) See you
9) And you
10) And more of you



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